A New Chapter of Growth and Challenges for African Higher Education

Throughout its forty-year existence, the Paris Campus of Schiller International University has developed a strong network of alumni and friends in sub-Saharan Africa. These multiple ties have long helped give us insights into the steady development and current trends in the higher education sectors of African countries. On recent trips to Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, South Africa and Zimbabwe, I met school administrators, students, parents and government officials each of whom have their own specific perspective on their countries’ universities and colleges. What I learned from these discussions were the differences in strengths and weaknesses; all of them, however, have to tackle three challenges facing their respective tertiary education sectors.
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Victory of the moderates in the Iranian elections

Last Friday elections were held in Iran for the Parliament (Majlis) and for the Assembly of Experts, which will very likely appoint the next Supreme Leader. The consultations, which occurred in a rather calm environment despite the polarized rhetoric, saw the victory of an alliance consisting of reformists and moderates close to President Rouhani against the list of so–called ‘principlists’, which included various conservative groupings ranging from centre-right to extreme right. Continue reading Victory of the moderates in the Iranian elections

Orange calls Bouygues Telecom

Orange « is calling » Bouygues Telecom….and starts its makeover by adding banking  & insurance services

Orange, formerly France Telecom and Europe’s largest mobile, carrier and service provider in Europe, announced its plans to acquire its competitor and rival, Bouygues Telecom.

The Telecommunications market, especially mobiles, is highly fragmented in Europe and ready for consolidation. This should lead to a reduction in competitive pricing but allow for increased investments in new high speed mobile « 5G » and cable networks based on optical fiber infrastructures for the next decade 2020.

Bouygues Telecom was targeted last year by SFR and rejected the €10 billion take-over proposal. Continue reading Orange calls Bouygues Telecom

Iran’s President Mr Rouhani’s ‘Shopping trip’ to France

Last week’s visit by President of Iran Hassan Rouhani was a hot topic in the press. Schiller Professor Claudia Castiglioni, Dept. of International Relations and an expert in European History and Iran, gives a summary on the event.

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