Super Tuesday

Favorites widen the gap on Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is an American tradition, an inescapable key moment during the nomination race that can crown or behead any contestant. This year’s results are in, with a clear-cut choice: the favorites are on their way, while the outsiders are trying not to lose too much ground.

Super Tuesday
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton – ©Getty Images

For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton has won seven states and contained key rival Bernie Sanders to the states he was expected to win such as his home state. Clinton owes her victory mainly to minority voters, especially African-American who are overwhelmingly in favor of her, helping her to widen the already existing gap with the Senator from the State of Vermont. The latter has enough budget to continue his campaign, but he will have a hard time finding a way to turn the trend around.

As for the Republicans, Donald Trump has racked up big wins making this a veritable Super Trumpday – thanks to strong support from low-income white voters – crushing the opposition and conquering seven states out of the twelve involved. More importantly he surprisingly chose to reach out to his opponents and changed his communication towards a more federating discourse. For instance, he opened the prospect of negotiation regarding some of his most radical propositions.

Just like the Democrat outsider, Republican Ted Cruz wants to believe a political backlash is still possible, provided of course that young Senator Marc Rubio accepts to withdraw from the race. Among the activists and militants from the Republican party, a sense of hope still abounds. The fans and the establishment are as united as always and wait anxiously for the swing states and their winner-take-all rule that could decide if Ted Cruz will be the ultimate rampart against Donald Trump.

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