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Dr. Milad M. ELHARATHI (Libya) MA In International Relations And Diplomacy

“To study at Schiller International University was the best academic decision I have ever made. It laid the foundation for my professional career in international politics, under the supervision of Dr Steven Eckovich. During my days at the Schiller campus in Paris from 1985 to 1986, I had the unique opportunity to study in a very special multinational and multicultural environment. It was due to the dedicated and inspiring faculty that I really enjoyed studying for the first time. I remember that my parents were quite proud to see my grades getting better from semester to semester. Suddenly education for me became important and I proved to myself that I can reach my academic goals.By getting my MA in international relations and diplomacy from Schiller University I pursued my further education toward my PhD at the international relations institute , at Warsaw University. However, SIU is much more than solid education – it is a school for life. At Schiller, I have met fellow students from all over the world, I believe in SIU as this university widened my global perspective as well as developed my understanding for other cultures and mentalities. Today, being a Member of Political science department, Benghazi University, Libya Benghazi, teaching foreign affairs, European politics, United Nations organizations and International politics and world affairs affairs, I greatly benefit from my Schiller experience. In my opinion, Schiller International University is the best address for international education. It is this type of education and life experience global leaders of tomorrow need.”

Senior Researcher at the International Relations Institute, Warsaw University
Senior Researcher at Schiller International University, Intern. Relations Department.
Former Political Science Department chair, Benghazi University
Former Executive Director of Research, Consultative and Training.
Benghazi University, Libya.
Board Member of the Serbian Journal of Politics and Religion.
French institute for governance and Debate Member, Paris
Arab Academy, Denmark, Faculty of Law and political Science, Staff member

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