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How do I obtain my French Student Visa?


Step 1: Register with CampusFrance

Go to campusfrance.org.

Select your country of residence (in bottom right of homepage).

You will see a map with the locations of the CFr offices in your country. Click on the closest one to you and then click on “More details”. When the details are shown, click on the website link. You will not need to go to this office in person, but your documents should be mailed to this address. If there is no website link, contact your local CFr office for instructions.

Follow the instructions provided on your CFr website. The process varies depending on the country in which you currently live.

Step 2: Obtain your student visa –Documents required for your student visa

The original “Letter of Acceptance” which includes a section written in French

A financial guarantee. In most countries, this is a notarized letter from your parents or your bank certifying that you will have a minimum monthly income as specified by your local French consulate.

Confirmation of health insurance

A number of photographs as specified by your local French consulate.

Your passport (valid for at least one more year).

Your CampusFrance Attestation that you received by email on your CampusFrance email account.

Your flight reservation

 Proof of accommodation in France (if you have not yet arranged this, the letter stating ‘A QUI DE DROIT’ provided to you in your acceptance pack should suffice)

What type of visa is required?

You must request a long term student visa for study in France outside the French university system, since different procedures are in effect for students seeking admission to the French university system.

All students need to request a long-term one-year “D” visa

When you pick up your long term student visa, be sure that you are given the OFII form stamped by your consulate (“Visa de long séjour- Demande d‘Attestation OFII”)  This document is required to start your residency application with the French Authorities through the Immigration Office once in France).

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