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IR502 – Workshop in Diplomacy

1. Course Number: IR 502 Credits: 3 Contact hours: 45

2. Course Title: Workshop in Diplomacy

3. Pre-requisites: Graduate standing

4. Course Description:
This semester of the Workshop concentrates on international negotiation, both in theory and in practice. Students read about negotiation, analyze case studies, write position and scope papers, and participate actively in three negotiation exercises.

5. Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:




Critique  practical negotiation skills

Course assignments, exams


Distinguish formal intergovernmental negotiations from Track Two and Conflict Resolution. 

Course assignments, exams


Demonstrate negotiation skills.

Course assignments, exams



6.  Basic Texts:

Title:               Getting to Yes, 2nd ed                       

Authors:          Fisher, Roger; Ury, William

Publisher:        Houghton Mifflin 1997




7.  Additional Reading and Supplemental Texts:

As assigned by instructor.


8.  Mode of Delivery:

Classroom instruction. See Addendum for specific details.

9. Course Outline:

Topics Covered – Academic Hours

• Getting to Yes 15
• Case Analysis 6
• Midterm examination 1.5
• Conflict Resolution and Track Two negotiations 9
• Writing position and scope papers 1.5
• Negotiation exercises 9
• Final examination 3Total 45



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