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MAR2011 – Principles of Marketing

1.  Course Number:              BA 221 /MAR2011                        Credits:  3         Contact hours: 45


2.  Course Title:                     Principles of Marketing           


3.  Pre-requisites:                   None


4.  Course Description:

This course introduces students to the concept and techniques of marketing in business including topics such as the contributing role of advertising, marketing functions, the marketing plan and marketing mix. The course will provide students with practical examples and applications, showing the major decisions that marketing manager’s face in their efforts to balance the organization’s objectives and resources against needs and opportunities in the marketplace.


5. Student Learning Outcomes

Upon Successful completion of this course, students will able to:


State the need for a marketing philosophyExam, Quiz 
Discuss that the philosophy affects all functions of a companyExam, Quiz
Explain how a marketing plan is constructedCase Study
List the elements of the marketing mixExam, Quiz


6.  Basic Texts:

Title:                Principles of Marketing,  11th edition

Authors:          Kotler, Phillip; Armstrong, Gary

Publisher:        Prentice Hall

ISBN:              0131469185

7.  Additional Reading and Supplemental Texts:

The instructor will present selected cases.



8.  Mode of Delivery:

Classroom instruction. See Addendum for specific details.

Students are encouraged to use the Schiller U. library.

9.  Mode of Delivery:

Classroom instruction. See Addendum for specific details.

Students are encouraged to use the Schiller U. library.

14. Course Outline:

• Introduction to the Marketing process:

– Marketing in a changing world

– Strategic planning/marketing process

– The marketing environment

• Analyzing marketing opportunities:

– Marketing research/ information systems

– Consumer markets/buyer behavior

– Business markets/ buyer behavior

• Selecting target markets:

– Measuring and forecasting demand

– Market segmentation/targeting/positioning

• Midterm examination

• Developing the marketing mix:

– Designing products: Brands, packaging

– Designing products/new-product development

– Pricing products/pricing considerations

– Pricing products/pricing strategies

– Placing products: Distribution channels

– Placing products: Retailing/wholesaling

– Promoting products/marketing communications

– Promoting products/advertising, PR, etc.

– Promoting products: Personal selling

• Managing the marketing effort:

– Building customer relationships

– Creating competitive advantage

• Extending marketing:

– The global marketplace

– Marketing services

– Marketing and society

• Review

• Final Examination

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