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MGF1107 – College Mathematics

1.  Course Number:              MGF 1107              Credits:  3         Contact hours: 45 

2.  Course Title:                     College Mathematics 

3.  Pre-requisites:                   None 

4.  Course Description:

This course reviews basic math fundamentals and introduces the student to concepts, which he/she will need in other university courses. After a review of real numbers, the student is presented with methodology to solve linear equations and functional linear applications. The student also learns maximization and minimization techniques and sensitivity techniques using linear programming methods.  The basic concepts of probability and statistics are introduced with a variety of practical problems as well as the basic concepts of geometry in relation to characteristics of polygons and calculation of perimeters and volumes. 

5. Learning Outcomes

Upon Successful completion of this course, students be able to:


Perform basic arithmetic operations using whole numbers, fractions and decimals by hand and on a calculatorTests, homework, exams
Solve linear algebraic equationsTests, homework, exams
Solve quadratic equations using the quadratic formulaTests, homework, exams
Solve systems of equations using substitution and/or addition methods, matrices, and by graphingTests, homework, exams
Calculate the probability of exclusive and mutually-occuring eventsTests, homework, exams
Perform the operation of finding the mean, median, mode and standard deviation from raw dataTests, homework, exams
Graph raw data using a histogram and line graphTests, homework, exams
Use basic algebraic concepts to solve application (word) problems from the following areas:  finance, business, life and the social sciencesTests, homework, exams

6.  Basic Texts:


“A Survery of Mathematics with Applications” by Angel Abbott Runde, 7th ed. ISBN: 0-321-11250-4


8.  Additional Reading and Supplemental Texts:

As assigned by instructor


9.  Mode of Delivery:

Classroom instruction. See Addendum for specific details.

14. Course Outline:
Topics Covered Academic Hours

• Introduction 2

• Review of the Essential Concepts of Algebra
-real numbers 1
-exponents and radicals 2
-rational expressions 1
-polynomials 2
-linear equations and inequalities-1 variable 2
-quadratic relationships 1
-cartesian co-ordinates 2
-functions 1

• Systems of Linear Equations
-two equations and two variables 1
-solution by addition and substitution 2
-solution with Gaussian elimination 1

• Linear Programming
-systems of linear inequalities 2
-geometric linear programming 2

• Probability Concepts
-counting principles, permutations, combinations 1
-probability models 2
-Bayes Rule 1
-Bernoulli Trials 2

• Statistical Concepts
-random variables 2
-measures of central tendency 1
-measures of dispersion 1
-normal distribution 2

• Consumer mathematics
-personal loans 2
-instalment buying 2
-buying a house with a mortgage 2

• Review 1

• Final examination 3

Total 45

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