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Schiller University Summer School

Posted on June 17th, 2015

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America in Paris – Description

A multi-disciplinary workshop for students interested in improving their English and knowing more about the USA. Each week you will learn about a different aspect of the American presence in Paris: diplomatic, business and cultural. Highlights include visits to the US Embassy, Planet Hollywood and American cultural monuments in Paris.  Workshops will be centered around project-based assignments to help improve their oral and written skills in English.

Ideal for students looking to pursue study abroad when in university.


With participation from

James Brown – Director, Schiller International University (PhD, Paris X)

Marc Levy, Business Psychologist withe over 25 years experience at Wall Street

Douglas Inman, Director of Finance & Administration, Planet Hollywood Group Finance

Dalila Cosata-Leroy, Financial Advisor, Global Arena Capital Corp, New York, USA

Jean Studzinska, Lecturer in International Relations, Schiller Paris (PhD, Johns Hopkins/ Vienna)

Russel McDonald, candidate, Masters if International Relations and Diplomacy, Schiller International University

Public Affairs Section, US Embassy Paris




Advanced Math in English – Description

Join our 3 week summer workshop doing advanced math in English  with top instructors from the University of Cambridge, the banking sector and Schiller International University. Each student will receive highly personalized attention where they will learn about probability and statistics, linear algebra, calculus and differential equations as well as financial mathematics – all in English!

Ideal for students looking to pursue an international career in finance,  industry, research or academia.



Maria Ferre, lecturer in Statistics, Schiller International University

Emmanuel Desvaux de Marigny, Professor of Mathematics for CPGE

Max van de Moortel, PhD. Candidate, Pure Mathematics, University of Cambridge

Dimitri Radom, Risk Analyst, BNP Paribas, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation

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