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Our Mission

The educational mission of Schiller International University is to prepare students, personally and professionally, for future leadership roles in an international setting. In its undergraduate and graduate degree programs, Schiller provides students with the competencies they need for professional careers as well as for further academic study.

The educational process puts particular emphasis on developing international and cross-cultural competencies through foreign language training, intercampus transfer, or other international academic opportunities, and intense interaction among people with diverse backgrounds.

A Unique Gateway to the Wider World


Schiller Paris is a unique community of students and scholars united by a common goal to contribute positively to commerce and international affairs. Located on a quiet, tree-lined corner in the Saint-Lambert neighborhood of the 15th arrondissement, the Paris campus is a 750 m² modern facility just minutes away from the bustling centers of government and business of the French capital.

The select number of seats reserved for admitted candidates translates into small class sizes (less than 20 students on average) that allows for maximum attention to the needs of each individual student. Bachelors and Masters students can always count on the availability of our faculty for advice and help. We also promote discussion and interaction between professor and student in a way that advances the learning process and one’s intellectual development. What is more, the friendly atmosphere on campus makes adjusting to life and studies in the City of Light all the more easy.

Our helpful staff provides students with assistance in practical matters such as housing as well as with academic issues, such as course selection and academics. Student and recent graduates are also assisted in preparing for their future careers.

All our classes are taught in English giving our students a major competitive advantage mastering the language of business “par excellence”. Non-native speakers are required to take an English exam before admission. The location in Paris, the global hub of international organizations, means that students also have the opportunity to learn and perfect their knowledge of French, the historical language of diplomacy. As part of a five-campus university system, Schiller Paris offers students the possibility to continue their studies in the USA, UK, Germany and Spain without missing a beat in terms of validation of credits towards their diploma.

Schiller Paris is a magnet campus for students from around the world. A key component to the international dimension of the Paris campus is the sheer diversity of its student body representing upwards of 40 nationalities. Studying in such a cosmopolitan environment is a unique experience for students who are able to develop intercultural skills not only in the classroom but also through the social activities of campus life. Upon graduation, students have the opportunity to join an international network of over 20,000 alumni from over 130 countries, to enhance their job search and career development.


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