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Bachelor Degree in International Hospitality and Tourism ManagementBachelorBS120
Bachelor Degree in International EconomicsBachelorBA120
Bachelor Degree in International BusinessBachelorBS120
Bachelor Degree in International Relations & DiplomacyBachelorBA120
Master Degree in Business AdministrationMasterMBA36
Master Degree in International BusinessMasterMBA45
MBA in Management of Information TechnologyMasterMBA45
Master Degree in International Relations and DiplomacyMasterMA36
Master Degree in International ManagementMasterMIM36


The SIU International Business curriculum is designed to give students a firm foundation in both the practical and theoretical aspects of globalized business in the 21st century. Students study a wide range of subjects which can be tailored to the individual interests of the student. Acquisition of the Bachelor’s degree can lead to management level positions in the specialized discipline studied or continued education on the graduate level.

General Requirements:

  • Students must earn a minimum of 120 semester credits including all
    required courses.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.00 (C) or above must be earned.
  • The final 30 credits must be completed at Schiller International University.
  • Completion of two (2) beginning level and two (2) intermediate level courses of one foreign language is required.


The Master’s Degrees are offered throughout the global Schiller family campuses providing access to regional and world headquarters of numerous multinational corporations and international organizations. These advanced degrees provide the detail and depth for graduates to enter into mid to upper level management positions in industry, government, and educational institutions.

General Requirements:

  • Admission requires completion of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a related field. Pre- requisites may be required.
  • Students must earn a minimum of 36 or 45 credits, depending on the chosen discipline, composed of the courses outlined in subsequent sections of this catalog.
  • Students must complete a final oral comprehensive examination or, subject to the decision of the Program Dean or Campus Director, a thesis requiring a formal oral defense in lieu of the comprehensive examination. The thesis is in addition to the credit hour requirements. Online students may petition to take their comprehensive examination online.

The MBA Preparatory Courses:
These courses are for those candidates who have completed a Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent in fields other than the one in which they want to pursue their MBA. This is applicable to the MBA in International Business, MBA in Business Administration, the MBA in International Hotel and Tourism Management, and the MBA in Management of Information Technology.

Required Preparatory Courses


BA 513 Managerial and Financial Accounting3
BA 575 Statistics3
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