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Bachelor Degree in International Economics

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Bachelor in International Economics


The impact of economics is examined at many levels. Students learn how economics affect the individual and the company and the effect of economic policy at national and international levels. The degree program stresses the importance of international economic relations and of maintaining a comparative international perspective.
The Bachelor Degree in International Economics includes courses in international business administration, international relations and political science. Students graduating with this degree go on to careers focusing on economic and political analysis in areas of government, business, finance, international relations or law.

 !  This degree must be completed at the Heidelberg or Madrid campus (read more)


1. Assess business facts and interpret them consistent with economic thinking.
2. Understand how decision makers allocate scarce resources to achieve economic efficiency.
3. Apply economic tools to analyze decisions made by consumers, firms, and policy makers.
4. Integrate economic models to analyze the impact of various fiscal monetary, and trade policies on a nation’s economy.


Required International Business Courses


IT 103Applications of Computers3
BA 322International Marketing3
BA 369Introduction to Sustainable Development3
BA 370Business Communication3
BA 374Statistics3
BA 384Behavioral Aspects3
BA 401Human Resources Management3
BA 437Multinational Enterprise3
EC 352Economic Geography3
EC 455International Trade & Finance3
GEB 1350Introduction to International Business3
IR 470International Economic Policies & Institutions3
MAR 2011Principles of Marketing3
PY 376Industrial Psychology3

Required International Relations & Diplomacy Courses


EC 452Resources & the Environment3
EC 457Economy of Developing Countries3
IR 331Modern Diplomacy3
IR 335American Foreign Policy3
IR 341Concepts of International Relations3
IR 353The Political Economy of North-South Relations3

Required General Education Courses


AR 222Art History3
ECO 2013Principles of Microeconomics3
ECO 2023Principles of Macroeconomics3
EN 111English Composition: Expository Writing3
EN 112English Composition: Persuasive Writing3
BA/EN 200Cross-Cultural Communication3
EN 373Public Speaking3
EN 490Intercultural Communication3
HI 225European History to 18153
HI 226European History: Napoleonic Period to Present3
IR 221Introduction to International Relations3
MA 172Applied Mathematics3
MGF1107College Math3
PS 221Introduction to Political Science3
PSY 1021General Psychology3
SO 137Science and Society3

Required Foreign Language Courses


FR 101Beginning 13
FR 102Beginning 23
FR 201Intermediate 13
FR 202Intermediate 23

Total Credits Required:



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