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PSY1021 – General Psychology

1. Course Number: PSY 1021 Credits: 3 Contact hours: 45

2. Course Title: General Psychology

3. Pre-requisites: None

4. Course Description:
Introduction to the scientific study of motivation, perception, meaning, learning, emotions, feeling and the psychological basis of behaviors. Examination of Freudian and post – Freudian theories of personality.

5. Learning Outcomes

Upon Successful completion of this course, students will be able:



Describe the major perspectives and research methods in contemporary psychology. Quiz, Exams
Describe physiological and psychological development.
Discuss current findings in the areas of learning, memory and thinking
 Quiz, Exams
Discuss the concepts of motivation and emotions and current research Quiz, Exams
Describe the theory behind mental and personality measurement, and the influence of developmental factors on both areas.Quiz, Exams
Identify different types of causal factors leading to abnormal behavior, and understand the basics of the current classification system for psychological disordersQuiz, Exams


6. Basic Texts:
Title: Introduction to Psychology
Authors: Atkinson, R.L, Atkinson, R.C., Fredrickson, Barbara
Publisher: HBJ College & School Division, 2002
ISBN: 0155050699

7. Additional Reading and Supplemental Texts:
As assigned by instructor.

8. Course Outline:

Topics Covered – Academic Hours

Introduction and Overview 1.5
Biological and Developmental Process
• Biological Basis of Behavior 1.5
• Cerebral Cortex and the Nervous System 1.5
• Psychological Development 1.5

Perception and Consciousness
• Sensory Precesses and Perception 1.5
• Role of Learning in Perception 1.5
• Stages of Consciousness 1.5
• Sleep and Dreams 1.5

Learning, Remembering, and Thinking
• Associative Learning Theory 1.5
• Cognitive Learning Theory 1.5
• Long and Short-Term Memory 1.5
• Language and Thought 1.5

Midterm Examination 1.5

Motivation and Emotion
• Development of Motivational Concepts 1.5
• Hunger, Obesity, Thirst, Sex 1.5
• Motivational Factors in Agression 1.5
• Emotional Expression 1.5

Mental Abilities, Personality and Measurement
• Aptitudes and Achievements 1.5
• Theories and Intelligence 1.5
• Genetics and Environment on Intelligence 1.5
• Extremes in Intelligence 1.5
• Personality Theory 1.5
• Testing and Measurement 1.5

Conflict, Stress and Abnormal Psychology
• Frustration, Anxiety and Stress 1.5
• Defense Mechanisms 1.5
• Normality and Abnormality 1.5
• Neurosis, Psychosis and Personality Disorders 1.5

Applied Psychology in Society
• Counseling Theory and Practice 1.5
• Role of Psychology in Mental Health 1.5
Final Examination 1.5

Total 45

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