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“My Louisiana Love”

Join us on Campus for the screening of Monique Verdin‘s latest documentary “My Louisiana Love” about a young Native American woman who returns to her family in Southeast Louisiana to find a man-made environmental crisis threatening their way of life: http://www.mylouisianalove.com Ms Verdin is a member of the Indigenous Rising delegation currently participating at the […]

A Talk with Amadou Diallo, CEO, DHL Freight

Schiller International University prepares students for international careers.  On Thursday May 21, come meet Mr. Amadou Diallo,  CEO of DHL Freight, whose Schiller story and career are rich in insights. An alumnus of the MBA program at Schiller Paris, hailing originally from Senegal, and now based out of the DHL Freight headquarters in Bonn, Germany, Mr.Diallo is taking […]

Conference – “China: Know the market, know-how for marketing”

Thursday April 21st, 11:30am – 12:30pm Conference presented by Jean Tuan, advisor to Bordeaux exporters with over 30 years of experience weaving business relations between France and China; and Xiaoyu Li, professor of business and marketing at Schiller International University. They will give a joint conference starting with a broad overview of the transformations of […]

Energy Economics & Geopolitics

SIU Paris is honored to have Prof. Jean-Marie Chevalier (Centre of Geopolitics of Energy and Raw Materials, Université Paris-Dauphine) give a conference on Energy Economics & Geopolitics. Wednesday April 6th, 4:00pm in the Reading Room.

Head of Water and Governance Program at the OECD at Schiller – Speaker Series

On Thursday 18th June Schiller was honored to receive Aziza Akhmouch, Head of OECD Water and Governance Program. The talk was  followed by a lively Q+A session and advice on internships. On behalf of Schiller International, we would like to thank Aziza Akhmouch for  her presentation, and hope to have her here again in the […]